Considering the type of competition that exists in 2023 among the various social media platforms, innovation is key. We all see some new update or the other in every app, and if we are talking about Instagram, we all know that the concept of reels has changed the very face of that app. People are now scrolling through reels throughout the day. Reels were a perfect idea for the audience in today’s generation because people lead very busy and occupied lives nowadays, and their attention span is equal to or less than that of a goldfish. They do not have the time, energy, or will to watch a 15 mins long video, which can be quickly and more interestingly summed up in 30- 60 seconds in a reel. People watch more reels in a short period while it continues to benefit the content creators and influencers the same way it used to if not more. 

So, seeing how the simple concept of reels has changed the face of social media, it was only a matter of time before YouTube came out with something similar to the concept of reels. On YouTube, we call it “shorts”. Creators on YouTube find it very easy to create shorts with the tools available on the app itself. It shouldn’t be a surprise why the shorts’ popularity is so much higher than normal-length videos. 

Is The Earning From YouTube Shorts Good?

Following the rules and regulations, subscribing to the terms, and exceeding the monetization barrier are the necessities and some of the prerequisites for monetizing YouTube Shorts. The YouTube Shorts Creator Pool will reimburse you once you are competent enough to monetize. As mentioned earlier, you must permit the modifications by July 10, 2023, to continue engaging in the YPP. You must read and subscribe to these circumstances even if you want to avoid explicitly and directly monetizing on YouTube Shorts.

  1. You can continue making money from any advertising on your long-form, live-streamed, and YouTube Premium content using the Watch Page Monetization Module. 
  2. You can monetize YouTube shorts by making the best use of the  Shorts Monetization Module. The money comes from ads playing in-between Shorts on the Shorts feed.
  3. We assure you that the Commerce Product Addendum may sound perplexing, but it isn’t! It implies that additional features like Channel Memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks will be covered by revenue. You won’t need to accept again if you already use these features because these terms have stayed the same.

You won’t need to worry once you have agreed to the new terms because you can already start earning a lot of money from YouTube shorts. If you did not get the memo, you should accept the terms of YouTube Studio’s website rather than through the YouTube app. You can earn money from YouTube shorts even with just 1000 followers or subscribers. The bad news is that to do so, and you must have received 10 million actual Shorts views in the previous 90 days. If that’s too ambitious, you can monetize with 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 legitimate public view hours on your primary YouTube feed, providing they date back at least a year.

If your videos match those requirements, you can enable adverts and receive 45% of the designated ad revenue, with the remaining 46% going to YouTube. Given that no standard formula identifies how many cents you’ll receive for every 1,000 views, it is impossible to predict how much money you can make using YouTube Shorts monetization. Although some claim the price is roughly $0.04 for every 1,000 views, YouTube hasn’t provided any hard data.

However, as is customary with YouTube’s ad income transfers, whatever sum you make will be a 45% cut of the total. It’s also crucial to remember that YouTube Shorts monetization only applies to views that take place after you’ve accepted the new guidelines; regretfully, views of existing Shorts won’t result in any income. 

Since YouTube Shorts are short, watch time doesn’t factor into profitability. The views are what matter most. Watch time is only considered during those 4,000 hours from your main feed, which can be used first to enable YouTube Shorts monetization. There are a few things that you need to look into and keep in kind before the revenue you get from here stops immediately. If you have reused content for YouTube Shorts, you are not eligible to earn.Anything that isn’t your own, like a TV show clip or another creator’s work, won’t be profitable for you. The same holds true for any YouTube Shorts that have had their views artificially increased by fraudulent clicks or malware.

So this is all we had to tell you about monetization on YouTube shorts. This concept is still new and fresh but has ample opportunity since people are more attracted to shorts than videos. So, yes, you can earn additional money and revenue by making YouTube shorts. Best of luck to you for that! 
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