In the thriving metropolis of Dubai, there is a great need for a dedicated nurse with professionalism. Although Dubai’s rapid growth may be finished, the city’s growth has provided space for medical specialists to settle in and significantly improve the lives of the city’s residents and those of a fascinating new metropolis.

 A transition to a nurse position in Dubai may be what you need if you’re tired of working in your current situation with its low income, scant benefits, and lack of career advancement opportunities. 

Average Salary For Nurses In Dubai

The typical pay range for nurses in Dubai is thought to be between 2,500 and 10,000 UAD, or roughly 50,000 to 2,00,000, $800 to $2500, £450 to 1600, or €525-2000. Depending on the job and qualifications and whether the hospital is privately or publicly funded, a nurse’s starting pay in Dubai will vary. 

However, your income would be tax-free is a significant benefit of nursing in Dubai. Many nurse positions in Dubai also come with various benefits, such as insurance, housing compensation, and travel costs. It is valid for every nursing position anywhere in the globe.

 If you are hired for a nursing post within a firm or a private family, you may anticipate receiving pay that is significantly more than this. You can find additional information about your expected compensation by asking your employer or recruitment agency. 

Documents required for nursing in Dubai 

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re considering moving to Dubai to advance your nursing career! There is a great need for a skilled, dedicated nurse like you in Dubai, a thriving metropolis.

Although Dubai’s rapid growth may be finished, the city’s growth has provided space for medical specialists to settle in and significantly improve the lives of the city’s residents and those of a fascinating new metropolis. Any nurse wishing to work in Dubai should be prepared for the registration and visa application processes by having the documents below on hand. 

  • a current passport (with a validity of 6 months)
  • One-colour Size of a White passport backdrop in a photo.
  • Birth certificate; marks from grades 10 and 12
  • certificates of registration and degrees in nursing or midwifery
  • Verifications from each jurisdiction where the applicant practiced or was formerly registered.
  • Certificates of registration from each jurisdiction where the applicant has practiced and been registered; if the applicant’s nation uses state registration, they must have registered in each state where they practiced.
  • Work references attest to their ethical character and delicate health. (Two employment references attesting to the candidate’s ability and character and attesting to their post-registration practice of at least twelve months.) 
  • Transcripts of all practical nursing or midwifery programs the applicant has completed. They need to be expressed in hours, or they need to be supported by a letter from the training facility that includes a conversion chart showing how many hours are equal to how many credits. 

How to Submit an Application for DHA 

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which serves as the governing body for all medical professionals in the sector, requires registration before you may begin employment as a nurse in Dubai. Increased population, rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases, growing demand for high-quality healthcare, and the introduction of company-mandated health insurance all contribute to the need for additional nurses. 

How To Apply Online For The DHA Exam

  • You must; begin the registration process. Possess a minimum of three years of training and have completed a recognized nursing or midwifery program.
  • Possess a Basic Life Support Certificate, at the very least.
  • Candidates should have at least two years of experience after registering for nurse in UAE (

Create an account on the DHA E-service platform, scan and upload the necessary documentation, and then complete the application form. 

Other acknowledged specializations include:

  • regional nursing
  • nursing in pediatrics
  • Nursing in Mental Health
  • nursing in critical care
  • newborn breastfeeding
  • nursing home care
  • Nurse practitioners and school nurses

Fees for applications

Download the authorization letter from the last page, sign it, and upload it again with your information and the date. When you come to the payment part, you must pay the application costs online for 210 AED, or around 3800 Indian Rupees. Then six weeks will pass before your qualifications are evaluated. You will then get an email asking you to confirm your application. 

Verifying Primary Sources

Following validation, you will be asked to pay for the Primary Source Verification, which involves DHA confirming your professional license, experience certificate, and educational credentials. A link to pay 724AED (about 13,000 Indian Rupees) for the primary source verification will be included in an email that you will get. The authorities responsible for providing the document verify your educational background, career experience, and credentials. 

Prometric exam in Dubai

After being approved, you must pay 260 AED to take the Dubai Prometric exam (about 4600 Indian Rupees). Two hours of multiple-choice questions with ONE BEST ANSWER make up the Dubai Prometric exam. There are 70 questions on it, and you must get AT LEAST 60%. (42 questions ). Findings are typically made public within five working days. 

Letter Of Eligibility

An ELIGIBILITY LETTER will be given to you if you pass the Prometric exam. After you pass your exam, your eligibility letter is only suitable for a year. Remember that you only have three chances to pass this test; otherwise, you will be permitted to do it a fourth time once you demonstrate that you’ve done further study. 

Time Spent Processing Applications

If we have all the necessary paperwork, DHA hopes to process the application within 60 to 90 days, even though the entire process—from preparing the documentation to receiving the DHA eligibility letter—can take three to six months.