This is unsurprising given how much money can be made from the Internet today, where many people live and earn their living online.

There are many ways to hustle some extra cash online, from paid promotions on your content to website advertising.

However, YouTube is one of the most well-known and frequently used platforms for earning money online.

Making videos on YouTube is a challenging endeavor that calls for perseverance and determination because you are vying for viewers’ attention with millions of other users on the largest video-sharing website in the world.

Depending on how many views each video receives, you can start making money if you succeed.

But if creating these videos is how you make money, you’ll want to know how much YouTube pays per view. What does YouTube pay content producers per view, then?

How Can You Make Money on YouTube?

The average YouTube content creator doesn’t make that much money from YouTube, we’ll say upfront in this section.

Unfortunately, not everyone can make a fortune by creating YouTube content.

Nevertheless, by learning how to make money on YouTube, you can project your future earnings and determine how to increase them.

There are, thus, two ways to make money on YouTube, both of which involve advertisements. The first is done through Google Ads, and the second is done through the creator’s selected ads.

With Google Ads, a creator consents to have a specific number of ads on their video. Google is YouTube’s parent company. They’ll enter into this agreement and oversee it using Google AdSense.

The creator of the video is not compensated for views of the video when ads are embedded in it. They are instead compensated for each ad view. This is not to say that if you skip the video, you won’t get paid; in fact, most will still pay for the brief period that they were viewed. It will just be less. The creator’s selected advertisements are the alternative source of income. To promote a good or service, a content creator will occasionally pause their original content production to create an advertisement.

Through this, the creator receives a commission. When a user uses the creator’s unique code displayed in the video or in the video description to purchase the service or good, the creator receives a commission. Since Google or YouTube does not control these advertisements, they must be approved by both the creator and the party seeking the independent advertisement.

The benefit of this payment method is that the content creator can select the products they want to promote rather than just promoting anything.

How Much Do You Get For 30 Million Views On YouTube?

The answer is not much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make quite a bit. A commissioned independent ad’s payment will depend on the commission, whereas YouTube will pay approximately $0.10 to $0.30 for each ad viewed in the video.

The average amount paid per advertisement view is about $0.18, which is not much.

However, this platform is where billions of videos are viewed daily, which means there is the potential for payment growth. 

Take this as a case study. Recently, a music video was posted, and in just one month, it has received 30 million views. This video presents two YouTube advertisements with a commission value of $0.18. For the sake of simplicity, assume that everyone who viewed the video also watched these commercials. This implies that the total revenue you would receive from this single video would be $1,080,000 (30,000,000*(0.18*2)). Even though this is not the highest-paying side gig ever for passive income, it is still amazing. Before attempting anything similar, you must ensure that your video is compelling enough to warrant watching or that you already have a loyal following.

How to Make My YouTube Videos More Alluring To Advertisers?

You can only increase the appeal of your videos to advertisers by increasing YouTube views. Every time you upload a new video to your channel, it must draw a sizable audience.

Advertisers won’t be interested in working with you if you don’t have a sizable enough audience because they won’t see you as someone who can bring in enough views to support their business.

As a result, you ought to set up a YouTube channel that gets updates frequently and has viewers. You must identify a void to fill to do this.

This refers to a subject that may not be the most popular, but you are knowledgeable about it in depth.

What Critical Role did a few years ago is a good illustration of this. With well-known, carefully developed plots, characters, and actors to bring the story to life, they translated Dungeons and Dragons into a video setting.

This attracted millions of views then and started a trend of DND campaigns on other channels.

The next step is for you to exercise patience and consistency.

To have consistent content for the foreseeable future, you must plan out your video upload schedule, upload videos regularly, and wait for an increase in viewership.

As you can see, these things take time, but this should happen if you are patient, steadfast, and diligent.


While this is not much, if you play your cards right and can garner thousands of views for each video, you could end up with a respectable revenue stream from YouTube, which pays between $0.10 and $0.30 for each view.

Try the tips in this article if you’re having trouble growing your YouTube channel. You might find the guidance you’re looking for here.