A lawyer has certificates in his professional degree to give legal advice and solve internal matters, as there are so many types of lawyers and courts. For example:- 

There are a few types of courts like 

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court of India is the highest or the apex judicial forum and final court of appeal established by Part V, Chapter IV of the Constitution of India. It is located in Delhi, with no other benches in any part of the country. It is presided over by the Chief Justice of India.

The Supreme Court is the court of appellate jurisdiction (Articles 132 to 136). If Fundamental Rights are violated under the Constitution of India, a Writ petition (Article 32 (2)) can be filed in the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court and High Courts also enjoy the power of judicial review.

High Court: At the States and Union Territories level, the High Court is the highest court. The Supreme Court of India’s rulings and decisions are binding on the High Court according to historical precedent. There are 24 High Courts in various Indian states. The High Courts also have many division benches in various regions of their respective states to expedite, reduce costs, and effectively administer justice.

Scope of Lawyer in India 

As india is now a most populous country with the lives of 1.3 billion, the growth of the legal industry is now visible at an increased rate. Also, this industry has become one of the biggest law industries in the country. 

This industry offers a wide range of growth in both personal and professional aspects. 

There are so many other reasons why one chooses a law career 

In India, law practice encompasses much more than managing criminal and civil problems. Instead, it broadens to include giving legal counsel to businesses and private citizens. The legal profession offers a variety of professional paths, including those for corporate attorneys, litigators, legal advisers, and law firm partners.

In India, the practice of Law has a broad spectrum of specializations. Aspiring legal eagles may select the area that best fits their interests and professional aspirations because of the enormous diversity available.

Areas of Specialization in Law 

Civil Law – Working on guardianship issues, damage lawsuits, wills, deeds, individual rights & conflicts, etc., is a part of Civil Law.

Although there are numerous chances in both the public and private sectors, private businesses have wider latitude. 

A civil lawyer’s pay is based on their professional background and expertise.

A skilled civil lawyer makes more money in the private than in the governmental sector.

In India, civil attorneys might earn anything from Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 12 lakhs annually.

Criminal Law – Criminal Law deals with prosecuting and defending those accused of crimes.

Defending people charged with crimes is their area of expertise.

In India, criminal attorneys might earn anything from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs annually.

Corporate Law: Corporate solicitors concentrate on offering legal counsel and services to firms, such as negotiating and drafting contracts to guide on matters of corporate governance.

In this area of expertise, firms are counseled on legal issues about their corporate structure, mergers and acquisitions, finance, bankruptcy, and securities.

Corporate lawyers’ pay might differ significantly based on the firm’s size, level of expertise, and location.

Corporate attorneys often receive better pay than other types of attorneys.

Experienced corporate attorneys may earn between Rs. 15 lakhs and Rs. 2 crores in yearly compensation.

Taxation Law – Tax attorneys advise clients on tax issues, such as filing taxes, comprehending tax laws, and assisting clients in resolving tax controversies.

This area of expertise focuses on the regulations governing individual and corporate taxation.

Depending on the difficulty of their cases, tax attorneys in India earn between 3 and 10 lakhs per year.

Lawyer income in India vary substantially based on the specialized study, locale, and experience.

In rare circumstances, solicitors may get a salary and a share of the money they win for their clients. In India, attorneys generally make roughly 6.2 lakhs rupees a year working full-time.

A law graduate employed by Legal Process Outsourcing might earn a competitive salary between Rs 20,000 and Rs 50,000.

On the other hand, depending on the advocate he is linked with, a lawyer who wants to start practice in court can receive a stipend of Rs 5000 to Rs 40,000. Overall, it is a successful profession.

It heavily depends on the candidate’s credentials, popularity, and success. The Law is still another element.

What is a family court? 

As the name suggests, the family court looks forward to cases involving family problems such as divorce and child custody. 

It was amended in 1984, aiming to achieve peace and settlement in families issue and marriage disputes. 

Types of cases handled in family courts

Marriage dissolution 

Uneven settlement 

Children custody 

Name changes 

Scope of lawyer internationally

Today’s legal landscape now includes international Law as a significant area. Many legal students now find it to be interesting. The range of topics addressed by international studies is quite broad. Different areas of international Law are expanding exponentially. International Trade and other developments have become more frequent due to the technological growth in many nations. International Law can guide any conflict between nations. 


The charges of a lawyer vary from case to case and situation. Family law covers 

Relationship and marriage disputes between spouses. 

The charges of a family lawyer in Mississauga range from $7500 – $10000 

Separation charges vary from $1500 – $2000 with some special chargeable percent. 

There is an hourly rate or advice, which also differs from $300 to $600.

Since there is no fixed amount, the process is explained by the Law itself or the high authority as the fee varies for both the party, i.e., the lawyer fee 

Court fee

Expert fee

Thus there is no certain amount that is charged by lawyers Mississauga; thus, it differs from $15000 to $100 000 or sometimes even more.