You may improve your chances of winning by increasing your knowledge of the many sorts of bets you might place. The following are some of the most typical types of bets placed on cricket matches, as identified by Doexch Ipl:

Uncomplicated wagers

Predicting the winner of a match, tournament, or series is required in order to place an outright winner bet. Match betting is a common name for this type of wager. For instance, India is now competing against England in a Twenty20 match.

A prediction that one side will defeat the other and win the game is known as an outright bet. This is the most fundamental kind of wager on cricket that can be placed in the market. Before you place your wager, don’t forget to perform comprehensive research on both of the contending sides.


In the world of Cricket Betting Online, handicaps are becoming an increasingly common betting option. It gives gamblers the opportunity to make profits from greater odds in settings where there is often less competition. As one illustration, New Zealand batted against Australia in a one-day international and scored 400 runs.

As a direct consequence of this, the odds of New Zealand winning will be lower, and the country will get a lower reward. But, by adding a -20.5 handicap, you improve your chances of winning. It will make it possible for you to wager on your favorite team while providing you with excellent odds. Yet, in order for you to prevail, it is necessary for your squad to triumph over the challenge.

Those markets that are either priced too high or too low

Another typical sort of cricket wager that you may place on a variety of sports is known as the over/under. Predicting the total amount of runs scored or wickets taken in a particular game is required for this type of bet. The bettor is responsible for predicting whether the sum of the totals will be lower than or more than a given amount.

Let’s say you want to place a wager on a Twenty20 match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It’s possible that the betting establishments will say that the total amount of runs expected during the game is 250. If you believe that none of the teams will score more than 250 points, you should wager “under” the total number of points.

If neither of the teams scores more than 250 points, you win the game. You will, however, be eliminated from competition if any one team achieves more than 250 points.

First ball / first over betting

Those who wish to wager on an event that will take place quickly might do so with the “first ball/first over” bet. You have the opportunity to estimate whether the first ball will result in a four or a wicket by participating in this bet. In this Twenty20 matchup, South Africa and the Netherlands are battling against one other.

There is a very good chance that the first hit of the match will be a six. You will be successful if it occurs. You may place a wager on whether the first ball will be under or over a certain number with several bookies.