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Why do so many people in India bet on cricket?

Indian sports fans hold cricket in a special place in their hearts and minds. Indians will always wear blue to cheer on their cricket team, no matter when or where they play. So, it’s not strange that cricket betting is so popular in this country. India, on the other hand, does not allow gaming. Still, a lot of gamblers try their luck on cricket matches with high odds, especially on sites for IPL Betting Id betting on cricket that make deals safe. A gaming business in the UK says that after 30 days, it had gotten 5,000 new customers and 5,000 hits from India.

Why betting on cricket is popular in India:

1. Simple and easy to use

Almost every major cricket betting site will take bets from Indians. Some casinos also have apps for phones. So, you can use your computer or phone to quickly get to a website and place a bet in a lot of different situations. You can bet almost anywhere in India with the 10Crick app.

Most people in our country grew up watching cricket because it is such a famous sport. So, they can understand how the game works. Because of this, the odds of winning a bet are very good. 

2. Cricket is Easy to Understand It’s easy to learn how to play cricket. 

Its betting is kind of like that. Whether you win or lose depends on whether you make the bet. When you start making more money, betting will seem like a better idea. If you lose, you might be able to win the next one if you pay more attention and get a better grasp of what is going on. Not all bets on cricket can be won by luck alone. After you’ve done it a few times and know what you can do, it’s easy. Indians, who play the game a lot and are one of its main groups of fans, find the process much easier.

3. Streaming and putting out

Most sportsbooks offer live streaming to players who have signed up. All cricket games, except for those between bookies, are shown on different networks. In India, there are also a number of apps that show live cricket for a small monthly fee. So, you might be able to watch cricket games and win some bets while you are at work.

4. Is online betting on cricket safe?

India does not let people bet on cricket. Still, most online cricket betting sites will let Indians sign up for new accounts. Do you understand the point? because there are no clear rules in Indian law that say you can’t gamble on the internet. So, in addition to cheering for your favorite team, you might be able to make some extra money without taking any chances.

5. A great way to kill time

In India, one of the most popular things to do is to watch cricket events. Especially if the game is between India and Pakistan or India and Australia, a true cricket fan will take time off work or close the business to watch the game. Because of this, many young people are drawn to betting because it keeps them entertained until the very end and is both a hard and easy way to make money.

The Indian Gaming Industry’s Fall in Love

The game business in India is huge, with an estimated value of $60 billion US each year. This is a big amount of money that could make anyone want it. Because of this, all Indian players believe the same things and have somewhat illogical goals for making money.


We all know that betting on cricket is against the law in India. Still, a large number of people in the area love this kind of fun. And now you know everything that led to it. If you live in India, all you have to do to start betting on cricket games and make extra money is build a profile on one of the big betting sites, like Betkhalifa Login Page.